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Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can compromise your oral health and appearance, leading to lower self-esteem and additional oral health issues. Fortunately, Eastern Virginia Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can provide dental implants, bridges and partials to replace lost tooth roots and provide a secure foundation for a variety of restorations. You can restore your smile with dental crowns, bridges, and dentures, all of which are made from durable and natural-looking materials.

What Causes Missing Teeth?

Several factors can cause missing teeth. Some are unavoidable, while others are related to lifestyle habits. Our team of doctors is highly trained and experienced in restoring missing teeth and can provide the necessary care you need to restore your oral health and appearance.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Perhaps the most common cause of tooth loss, poor oral hygiene can cause bacteria to grow on the teeth, resulting in the accumulation of plaque. Plaque demineralizes tooth enamel, making it easier for cavities to form. As the plaque continues to collect around the tooth, the gums may become irritated and infected, resulting in periodontal disease that can lead to substantial tooth and bone loss.

Neglecting Regular Checkups

Neglecting regular checkups can result in worsened tooth decay and hard deposits of bacteria below the gum line. Even if you practice proper at-home care, plaque can be difficult to remove. Without regular, professional cleanings, you can develop significant deposits of plaque and tartar, which can cause infections and lead to tooth loss.

Lifestyle Factors

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and many other sources have stated that individuals who smoke and drink are far more likely to suffer from oral health concerns that can lead to tooth loss. Both habits compromise proper blood flow to the gums and supporting tissues in the jaw, which can lead to periodontitis and eventual tooth loss.


If you experience facial trauma, teeth can become too damaged to salvage, leaving gaps in your smile. You should contact our office immediately if you experience tooth trauma or loss.

Dental Implants Restore Missing Teeth and Confidence

While tooth loss can be unpleasant and significantly limit your quality of life, our dentists can provide superior tooth replacement solutions to restore your lifestyle and appearance. They can place dental implants to replace lost tooth roots and provide support for a prostheses such as dental crowns, dental bridges, or implant-supported dentures. The implant procedure includes two surgeries and a few months of healing time, but this treatment can provide a lifetime of improved chewing, speaking, and confidence.

Choose Dentists who Genuinely Care about Your Health

Our team is genuinely invested in your oral health and well-being and take extensive measures to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your treatments. They understand that each patient has differing, unique needs. Whatever your situation is, our dentists want to help you achieve your best oral health possible and enhance your confidence and quality of life in the process. Schedule your appointment online or call us at (757) 483-6927 to speak with one of our friendly staff members. We can also discuss our variety of payment and finance plans to help you receive implants sooner than later.