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How to Reduce the Effects of Stress This Year…Even If You’ve Already Given Up on Your Resolutions

“Just grin and bear it” may not be the best advice you can get. Especially if you’ve already found your New Year’s resolutions a bit too daunting. Maybe when the saying was coined in the 1800s it was easier to put on a smile and take whatever is coming at you. But with this grinning and bearing comes clenching and grinding. Every New Year we make resolutions to lose weight, get organized, make more time for family, and the list goes on. But when real life runs into our resolutions, we know which one wins. And it’s easy to go from resolved to stressed. Why not consider resolving to manage your stress before your teeth begin to feel the burden? This is a resolution we can help you with! Did you know that 70 percent of people have the habit of bruxism–clenching and grinding their teeth–as a result of stress and anxiety? Stress-related bruxism has many symptoms and can lead to any one of the following dental problems:

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), anger, anxiety, frustration, and stress are four major reasons a person may grind their teeth as a coping method. If you find yourself exhibiting these symptoms, we have good news. Here are some ways you can reduce or manage your stress: professional counseling, regular exercise, relaxation techniques (such as listening to music and taking walks), or just give us a call!. Here’s what we can do to help reduce the harmful effects of stress. We can create a nightguard designed to perfectly fit you. You can wear a nightguard while sleeping to stop your teeth from grinding. If you are a daytime grinder, becoming aware of this habit is the first step to changing this behavior. Wearing a nightguard won’t eliminate your stress, but it can dramatically reduce the damaging effects of stress on your teeth and your jaw. Here’s what you get when you wear a custom nightguard:

We can’t change the stress in your life, but we can work with you to help manage the effects on your teeth. Let us create a custom nightguard for you, and get started on the path to a healthier new year…without joining a gym. Call our office today at 483-6297 or email [email protected] and inquire about a nightguard.